About Light Brigade



Who We Are

Light Brigade is the leading provider of fiber optic training and certifications. We offer hands-on courses, instructional DVDs, books, and online training, as well as customized fiber optic training materials for specific industries or subject matter.

More than 50,000 people around the world have attended a Light Brigade training course.


Who We Teach

Our attendees use, or plan to use, optical systems and permeate the fiber optic workplace as technicians, engineers, installers, supervisors, network designers, managers, and consultants. Industries we serve include: telephony, utilities, enterprise, data centers, public safety, MIL/aero, broadcast, pro A/V, end users, government, industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, and more.


What We Teach

Light Brigade's courses are technology-based with techniques applicable to any product or industry using the best available equipment and supplies regardless of manufacturer. Our courses cover the entire spectrum of fiber optics from basic theory, design, maintenance, and testing through to advanced topics such as passive optical networks, fiber characterization, and multiplexing.

Our Instructors

Light Brigade’s instructors are technically skilled and have a wide variety of practical experience with fiber optic systems from small local telephone networks to sophisticated military facilities. Many have taught college-level courses in electronics and telecommunications. Others have built and operated fiber-optic networks or served as consultants. They are constantly evaluating new products and learning new techniques in order to maintain a leading-edge awareness of the industry.


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