Fiber Foundations

This e-learning course provides an overview of basic fiber optic theory, terminology and key product characteristics. It was developed to provide an introduction to fiber optics for anyone involved in the industry or preparing to take further training. Designed with the novice in mind, Fiber Foundations introduces basic concepts for fiber optic communications, using easy to understand language and examples.

Fiber Foundations is self-paced and will take approximately two hours to complete.  The easy to understand descriptions include helpful examples and animations to reinforce the learning. The student will come away with a basic understanding of multimode and single-mode fiber, be familiar with terminology used for describing fiber, loss, bandwidth, wavelengths, connectors, cables and other foundational concepts. The course includes review questions to assure the concepts have been understood.


New staff members in fiber optic related manufacturing companies; Field staff who are new to fiber optics; Students preparing for an intensive fiber optic class – used as a ‘pre-class’.


Up to 2 hours – varies with knowledge base


Eligible for 2 BICSI CECs.


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