OTDR and Testing Deep Dive Workshop


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Develop expertise in field testing and troubleshooting fiber optic spans/links. Students will understand the various types of equipment and tools needed for acceptance testing, documenting performance, and finding/repairing problems in their fiber physical plant.

Hands-on Training

Presentations will be used to highlight key points using graphics, photographs, and examples designed to explain concepts and practical applications in the field. Live demonstrations are completed during presentation sections to solidify key concepts.

Workstations will be set up for each of the modules. This course will have a maximum of 8 students with one instructor. This low ratio will ensure that each student receives the one-on-one training needed to fully understand each test method and all best practices.

Course Length: Two days; 50% knowledge/demos, 50% hands-on skills

To learn more or to register to attend this course, please view our list of upcoming course locations.