Fiber Optics 101 Plus

These full-length fiber optic training courses feature more than 24 hours of educational content.

Fiber Foundations

This e-learning course provides an overview of basic fiber optic theory, terminology and key product characteristics. It was developed to provide an introduction to fiber optics for anyone involved in the industry or preparing to take further training. Designed with the novice in mind, Fiber Foundations introduces basic concepts for fiber optic communications, using easy to understand language and examples.

The easy to understand descriptions include helpful examples and animations to reinforce the learning. The student will come away with a basic understanding of multimode and single-mode fiber, be familiar with terminology used for describing fiber, loss, bandwidth, wavelengths, connectors, cables and other foundational concepts. The course includes review questions to assure the concepts have been understood.

Approximate running time: 120 minutes

Single-mode Fiber Technology

All types of communications today depend on single-mode fiber. It is used in the backbone infrastructure of voice, data and video wireline networks as well as most wireless networks. A good understanding of optical theory as it applies to single-mode fibers and systems is critical to anyone working in fiber optics. This course covers topics that go beyond the fundamentals, to provide a deeper understanding of optical theory and of single-mode applications.

Approximate running time: 45-60 minutes

Staff Development Video Series

This complete set of video training covers fiber optics from A to Z, and features interactive menus that allow for unlimited review and refreshers on specific topics. The set includes:



Fundamentals of Fiber Optics

105 minutes

OTDR Theory and Operation

86 minutes

Fiber Optic Test Equipment and Testing Fiber Optic Links

81 minutes

Troubleshooting a Fiber Optic Link

90 minutes

Fiber Optic Cable

106 minutes

Fiber Optic Splicing

95 minutes

Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Splice Closures and Pedestals

105 minutes

Fiber Optic Connectors

118 minutes

Fiber Optic Active Devices

121 minutes

Fiber Optic Passive Devices

118 minutes

Fiber Optic System Design

112 minutes

Fiber Optic Safety

86 minutes

High-speed Fiber Optic Systems

114 minutes

Total running time: 22 hours, 17 minutes