Fiber Optic Safety

When strong health and safety practices become part of the operational fabric of your organization, everyone wins. Help create a positive safety culture by ensuring your employees are trained to follow safety procedures and can identify safety concerns unique to fiber optics.

Fiber optic professionals can be exposed to a wide variety of hazards — from the glass fibers themselves to chemicals used in cleaners and adhesives, to the sharp tools used to prepare cables for termination. They often encounter heavy equipment and power tools and may be in proximity to high voltage and traffic hazards during cable placement and system restoration.

This course examines these concerns and provides recommendations for safe practices when working with optical fibers and cables. It’s a solid foundation for ensuring your workforce remains healthy and productive and a great addition to your current safety program. Creating a safety-first culture helps to ensure your workforce is not part of painful statistics involving injuries and costly litigation.


Anyone who works with or near fiber optics.


Approximately one hour - Includes five lessons and a summary.


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