FTTx OSP Design Recorded Sessions

The FTTx OSP Design recorded session is for outside plant and network engineers. Students will learn fundamental fiber and network component information relating to FTTH network design. The recorded sessions cover best practices for product selection and ideal placement for point-to-point, distributed and centralized split network design.

Students learn at their own pace with five recorded online sessions containing more than 20 hours of educational content. The final session includes design exercises that put into practice the skills and knowledge learned during the previous sessions. Upon course completion, students are prepared to take the Fiber Broadband Association FTTx OSP Design certification exam.

The recording training sessions cover the same material as our FTTx OSP remote classroom. Subject matter covered includes:

  • Optical fibers and cables
  • Connectors and splitters
  • AE vs PON
  • Fundamental fiber planning
  • Futureproofing
  • PON design options
  • Fiber to the Building
  • Single-family residential area design options and rural areas
  • Connectorization options
  • Design steps and specifications
  • Design exercises