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Certified Fiber to the Home Professional

Category: Online Courses
This course is comprised of 15 modules that provide a broad base of knowledge and familiarity with FTTH architecture, network design, deployment technology, and operational skills. The content is focused to network designers, planners, supervisors, and project managers involved in deploying and maintaining FTTH and FTTB networks.

CFHP Course Manual

Category: Online Courses
Electronic manual for our Certified Fiber to Home Professional training course.

Fiber Foundations

Category: Online Courses
This e-learning course provides an overview of basic fiber optic theory, terminology and key product characteristics. Designed with the novice in mind, Fiber Foundations introduces basic concepts for fiber optic communications, using easy to understand language and examples.

Single-mode Technology

Category: Light Bites
A good understanding of optical theory as it applies to single-mode fibers and systems is critical to anyone working in fiber optics. This course covers topics that go beyond the fundamentals, to provide a deeper understanding of optical theory and of single-mode applications.