Certified Optical Network Engineer Course

Training Course
Date: Friday, January 01, 2021 - Friday, December 31, 2021

Venue: Seattle, Washington

Coming Early 2021
Seattle, WA
Five days of instructor-led classroom learning with hands-on exercises

Training & Certification for Advanced Optical Networks

If you are deploying advanced communication networks of 100 Gb/s and above, OTT’s new CONE course is for you!

The combination of coherent transmission and digital signal processing has transformed optical communications at data rates higher than 100 Gb/s.  This course focuses on how to increase capacity, reach, and flexibility, how to migrate to open and interoperable systems, and to provide consistent quality of service. These fast-evolving challenges must be met while maintaining low latency, costs, and power consumption.

This course explores the changes necessary in order for DWDM systems to operate efficiently at data rates of above 400Gb/s; how a mix of the right optical and electronic technologies can be used to overcome limitations; and the role of SDN and its implications for facilitating open line systems, ROADMs, and white box solutions. Appreciate the fundamental limitations that apply and the trade-offs and compromises necessary to make strategic decisions about the long-term plans for your network.

What you will learn:

  • Design your system to avoid unwanted non-linear effects
  • Assess the role of flexgrid and plan for its implementation
  • Identify the best type of fiber for new projects
  • Specify appropriate ROADM functionalities for current operations and future developments
  • Decide which pluggable form factors are best for your applications
  • Plan your networks to avoid unnecessary latency
  • Plan for efficient deployment of OIF 400ZR for DCIs
  • Decide upon appropriate FEC schemes and DSP technologies
  • Appreciate the trade-offs made by adaptive optical transceivers
  • Define quality of service objectives and implement systems to ensure they are met
  • Identify options for delivering 10Tb/s over distances from 100m to trans-oceanic
  • Assess what role SDN and open networking will have in your network
  • Decide on optimum amplification schemes for your network links
  • Understand the implications of deploying white box solutions
  • Describe the special characteristics of subsea systems
  • Assess the role of subsea SDM ideologies for terrestrial networks


Anyone deploying advanced communication networks of 100 Gb/s and above. Typical roles include network designers, planners, network engineers & managers, strategic network managers.

CONA Certification

Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE)
IEEE Credits available for an additional fee ($100)

Course Outline

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